Armed Robbery Near Valdosta State University Campus

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By: Winnie Wright
November 27, 2013

Valdosta, GA - "Last night around 11 O'Clock, we got a call about two people that were walking through Drexel Park that were approached by 3 African American Males. 2 of them had hand guns and ordered them to give over all the property that they had, which they did. Once the offenders had the property, they took off running. No one was hurt during the incident" said Lt. Kirk of the Valdosta Police Department.

Drexel Park sits adjacent to the Valdosta State University campus, where students are out for the holiday.

Thressea Boyd of VSU says, "Our campus is officially closed. Actually students weren't here all week. But we went ahead and sent out the message because we have a lot of students who live near the campus or are still on campus, for various reasons. And for our faculty and staff. Just so if they're out and about in this area, they're aware of the situation."

Boyd also says many students walk through Drexel Park to get to and from campus, but according to Lt. Kirk, if it's after dark, people may want to find an alternate route.

"If you have to be out, you definitely want to avoid dark areas, secluded areas. You want to stay in well lit areas. If you see anything suspicious, any persons suspicious, you want to try and avoid them. Just be aware of your surroundings, especially if you're out that late at night. "

The suspects are still at large. They are described as 3 black males possibly in their early twenties between 5'9 and 6 feet tall, wearing all black with scarves covering their faces. If you have any information, please call The Valdosta Police Department.