Home Invasion Attack and Robbery: Victim Speaks Out

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Thomasville, GA- Marcus Rushing is now nursing his wounds after being attacked at his home.

Investigators say three men broke into Rushing's apartment and robbed him early Saturday morning in Thomasville.

"I remember the guy holding me down and telling me, don't move and asking me where the money was at," said Rushing.

Rushing's fiancé, June Johnson, was also home during the attack.

She says she was able to lock herself in the bathroom, but Rushing was beaten badly with a gun before the men took off with around $70 and two watches.

"That's not worth it to me," she said. "My life is way more than 67 dollars."

"My face was turned to the side, I could see the guy pushing my fiancé in the bathroom," added Rushing. "I wasn't really worried about me. I was just hoping they didn't do nothing to hurt her."

Rushing says he doesn't know if they were targeted, but he says one of the suspects did look familiar.

"Thanksgiving Eve, he was standing on the porch right there, and that's the same guy that was standing on the porch. I'd know him when I see him," he said.

The couple says they hope justice will be served.

"Help me find who did it so they can put him behind bars and they won't have to worry about this stuff in their neighborhood no more," Rushing said.

Detectives with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation say no arrests have been made yet. However, they are following multiple leads and reviewing the apartment complex's surveillance video.

Thomasville, GA - December 1, 2012

At least 3 men wearing masks stormed into a home at 628 East Clay Street around 3 am on Saturday morning.

June Johnson lives in the home and was there when the attack happened. She said "I was very terrified. I was like if they get in here I'm going to be dead. Because I heard the gunshots."

Those gunshots were made by a 45 caliber handgun. Luckily the bullets just hit the ceiling. June Johnson had been watching a movie at the time. She barricaded herself in the bathroom, but not before making contact with her attackers.

June went on to say "I jumped out of bed and cause like the bathroom's right there. But I aint even get all the way in the bathroom and that guy was on me. And he knocked me down in the bathroom and went straight into my bra, like I said, and took my money."

The men took less than 70 dollars and left June's fiance Marcus Rushing bleeding after striking him with the gun.

June said "I guess they said he's going to be alright. [crying] He got beat bad."

James Moore works right next door to where this happened. Learning about the news hit home. He said "in 2007 I was broke into. I lived in Moultrie at the time. And two guys broke into our house and stole several thousand dollars, killed my wife and shot me five times. Shot her six times."

As for June and Marcus' home invasion. Police are following up on multiple leads but have made no arrests. Marcus is expected to make a full recovery.

Moore went on to say "people have to be aware of their surroundings, you know, they have to understand that that's the times we live in and you have to be very careful."

If anyone has any information about this incident, they are asked to contact the Thomasville Police Department.

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