Attempted Murder Suicide in Lanier County

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Lanier County Sheriff’s Office Release

This press release is a follow up to the initial release provided on Saturday evening concerning the aggravated assault and suicide event that occurred off Highway 125 in Lanier County.

Around 12:45 pm on Saturday, a Lanier County Sheriff’s Office Deputy was dispatched to #2 Eleanor Place off Hwy 125 south of Ray City and North of the intersection of Hwy 122 and Hwy 125. The initial call from dispatch was that three people had been shot at the location. The Deputy arrived and found a white female, 33 year old Kathy Mchan Flynn, walking down the driveway of the house toward the deputy. She indicated that both she, and her daughter, had been shot by her husband, 50 year old Benny Mark Flynn. She told the Deputy that her husband was in the house and had shot himself. A neighbor was holding the injured child when the Deputy arrived and shortly thereafter a First Responder came from a few blocks away and began administering aid. As of the time of this release both the victims were doing well and expected to recover.

A call for back up by the responding Deputy brought and off-duty Deputy to the scene within minutes at which time the Deputies entered the home in an attempt to determine the whereabouts of Mr. Flynn. They found Mr. Flynn in the master bedroom of the home apparently dead of a single self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. Later that evening Benny Mark Flynn was in fact pronounced dead by the Lanier County coroner. The firearm believed to be used was recovered at the scene.

The victims were medically attended to and transported from the area by Emergency Medical personnel and other First Responder units. The mother was taken to South Georgia Medical Center and the child was transported by Life Flight to Gainseville after having been transported to a suitable pick-up site by Berrien County Sheriff’s Office who had arrived on the scene and were rendering mutual aid.

The scene was taped-off and secured pending the arrival of investigators.

A Lanier County Investigator was summoned and he in turn contacted the Georgia Bureau of Investigation for assistance with the investigation. Within less than 30 minutes the GBI Investigator as well as two GBI Crime Scene Technicians and their mobile forensic lab arrived on the scene and met with the Lanier County Investigator and Sheriff Nick Norton. A canvas of the immediate neighborhood was conducted along with detailed interviews of all available witnesses and emergency personnel. Simultaneously, GBI and Sheriff’s Office investigators obtained a search warrant for a deeper search of the crime scene and the Crime Scene Technicians began the lengthy task of gathering all physical evidence and determining what that evidence might indicate. Technicians processed the scene for more than 9 hours to insure that nothing was overlooked. The investigators went directly to the hospital in an effort to check on Kathy Flynn’s condition and attempt an interview but were not able to do so at that time. While there they briefed Mrs. Flynn’s mother and sister concerning the incident and then returned to the scene to continue the investigation and witness interviews.

Exact details of the incident are not ready for release as the investigation is far from complete, but at this point is believed that the argument which escalated into the shooting developed very quickly and as Mrs. Flynn attempted to leave to prevent further argument, Mr. Flynn apparently fired several rounds at Mrs. Flynn. Investigators have nothing to indicate that Mr. Flynn targeted his daughter. They think, and hope, that she was simply an unintended victim of a fit of rage that escalated out of control on behalf of Mr. Flynn. There has been some indication that drugs and/or alcohol may have played a part in the incident and investigators will wait for lab results and further interviews to determine that.

The GBI has assumed lead investigative responsibility for the case and will be working closely with the Lanier County Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff Norton indicated that the support received by the GBI, and other area emergency services and law enforcement personnel was unbelievably swift and determined. He expressed his gratitude to all those on the scene and those that conducted transport, as well as the many citizens and hospital ER staff who assisted.

Sheriff Norton has asked for prayers for a speedy recovery for the victim as well as for the loss of the Flynn family in this senseless tragedy.

By: Greg Gullberg
February 17, 2013

Lanier Co., GA - A mother and her child are recovering in the hospital after being shot by the child's father Saturday. Investigators say the man then turned the gun on himself.

Lanier County Sheriff Nick Norton calls it a "tragedy". An attempted murder suicide. But the only one left dead was the father.

The shooting happened in a house just off Highway 125 in Western Lanier County just south of Ray City. Authorities responded to the call a little before 1 pm Saturday afternoon.

They found all three occupants had been shot, but only one of them dead: the father. Several agencies responded to the scene including the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

Neighbors we talked to where simply stunned.

"The yard was just full of officers and they were taping off the house. Immediately it was panic because that was absolutely just not expected, particularly for the neighborhood we live in," said Jessica Parker, a neighbor who lives almost right across the street.

The mother and daughter are reportedly in treatment. Both are in serious but stable condition. The father was declared dead at the scene.

Investigators have not released any of their names while they are notifying family members. We'll have that information for you when it becomes available.

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