Authorities Find Missing Seminole County Inmate

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By: Emily Johnson
August 25, 2014

Decatur County, GA - Seminole County Sheriff's Office, Decatur County Sheriff's Office, Georgia State Patrol and other agencies were all out this morning searching for a missing inmate.

Bland was considered a trustee inmate and on Saturday took off his orange jumpsuit and walked away from his work duty site. Law enforcement officers searched during the weekend, but were unsuccessful. Benjamin Bland was found in the woods on the south side of Decatur County near Rich Road.

"It's real important to us so matter how minor the offense is, now it's more of a serious offense with an escape. We don't like to have anyone that is suppose to be incarcerated running loose," said Sheriff Heath Elliott, Seminole County Sheriff.

Bland had been arrested on charges of theft and parole violation, he was taken to Seminole County Jail following his capture.

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