BCS Merch Flying Off the Shelves

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Tallahassee, FL -- It's the holidays, so of course it's busy at the mall. But local FSU apparel store Garnet and Gold got a gift from the great play of the Florida State football team and their trip to the national championship game.

"The national championship shirts that we had sold out in like a day," said manager Rick Terrell.

Terrell has been with the store for almost 10 years. This might be the steadiest business he's ever seen, but that doesn't make it easy telling people they're sold out of certain items.

"It's very tough telling people we don't have them. We don't want to disappoint our guests, we don't want to disappoint any of our customers, its just very hard to keep up with the demand this year," he said.

The shirt maker, Nike, only provides a certain amount of product to each store. So once they're out, they're out.

It's no surprise to shopper Ray Vickers why the store is swamped.

"This time of year with them being number 1 and they're going to be number one after January 6th," said Vickers.

But for folks like Brenda Seay, who traveled to both the 1993 and 1999 championship games, any Seminole gift is a good one.

"I'm a big seminole fan and I love to come in here, I'd buy one of everything but I don't have room for it all," she said.

Garnet and Gold's online orders are just as backed up. The store's owner has been offering exchange items for those who find their ordered item sold out.

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