Baby Jesus Stolen from Nativity Scene

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Donalsonville, GA December 23, 2012

Your typical nativity scene usually has three wise men, Mary, Joseph and maybe some animals. One manger is missing a very important face.

Someone stole the baby Jesus from a display at the Seminole State Park in Donalsonville, Georgia.

"It's kind of low for a person to do that but it's not going to stop me from putting a display here next year," said Ed Crump who displayed the nativity.

The display is one of 21 for the Tour of Lights that runs through Friday Dec. 28. Crump says the baby Jesus has been missing since Sunday. In order to spread awareness he decided to put up a sign in the manger that reads "Baby Jesus Stolen"

"I waited all day today to see whether or not it would appear back but it has not appeared back."

Crump hasn't filed a police report and he doesn't plan to. He just hopes the person that took the baby Jesus shows some Christmas spirit and returns it to the nativity scene.

"If they come and return it, no questions asked. They can just return it nobody's going to follow up on it."

A Baby Jesus doll is missing tonight from the Seminole State Park Nativity Scene.

The nativity baby was first noticed missing Sunday night, when a nativity scene organizer went to check on the display and realized someone had stolen the child from the scene.

The nativity scene is so old that they no longer make the characters, so there is no way to replace the baby Jesus.

The nativity scene owners have decided that every year they will display the scene with the sign “Baby Jesus Stolen”, so whoever took the baby Jesus will be talked about every year.

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