Bainbridge High School Student Makes Impact In Community

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By: Emily Johnson
December 20, 2013

Bainbridge, GA - There's nothing like a hot cup of cocoa when it's cold outside. One Bainbridge High School student is using hot chocolate to help the less fortunate enjoy Christmas.

Ryan Adams, a ninth grader at Bainbridge High School, has been selling hot chocolate at Christmas time since he was in grade school. "I decided to do it to make money and when I got done I heard of a family that needed help and couldn't get their kids any Christmas presents I gave them the money and my old play station and then it just started every year," said Ryan Adams.

Ryan's hot chocolate stand had many helpers including beauty queens and his wresting team buddies who all help sell the hot chocolate for $1. "I just hope that younger kids that it helps them to learn that they need to help and just give what they can," said Adams.

Bainbridge has more than 12,000 people and some folks have been impressed by Ryan's effort to help others. "I have asked in my own office and made some phone calls and things and people just immediately came in and flooded me with money and I was able to bring that over so I'm hoping it will bless some families," said Sheila Lane, Bainbridge resident.

Half of the money from the hot chocolate sales went to Secret Santa of Bainbridge. "We provide a facility and some exposure and a lot of good organizations that contribute their time," said Dustin Dowdy, Flint Media General Manager.

Decatur Community Cares, Decatur County Family Connection and local business owners are all involed in helping with Secret Santa. Ryan exceeded his goal of $2500 by $100. Secret Santa of Bainbridge will provide toys and presents to 200 families in the community.

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