Bainbridge Man Charged With Murder And Necrophilia

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By: Kara Duffy
September 16, 2013

Bainbridge, GA - Friends and family members of Retha Bell Parks are trying to make sense of the tragedy that has rocked their close knit group.

"She fed him. She washed his clothes. I mean everything; he was here for a whole year. She took him in," said Yolanda Williams, Parks' granddaughter.

Bainbridge Public Safety Officials say Parks was found dead inside her home along East Green Street Saturday morning.

The man Parks took in as her grandchild, 39-year-old Michael Davis, is accused of beating her to death. Those who knew Parks want to know, why?

"He really hasn't said one way or the other," said Eric Miller, the Director of Bainbridge Public Safety. "He did live there at one point and he was recently asked to leave so that could play into it."

Williams added, "I asked what was his motive? They say, he said, 'she put him out' but that doesn't give you a reason to kill her, then you turn around and rape her? You raped a dead body."

Davis now faces murder and necrophilia charges.

Davis' family members say he recently got out of jail after serving a six year rape charge stint.

"I didn't put it past him. I just kept warning the family about him, just watch him, watch his temper. I just dont know," said his uncle Jerry Davis.

Davis is being held at the Decatur County Jail. He has not yet gone before a judge to find out if he will receive a bond.

By: Bailey Myers
September 15th, 2013

Bainbridge, GA- A family in Bainbridge mourns the loss of a loved one today after police charge a man with Murder and Necrophilia.

One young family members explained what she knew, "Uncle Mike killed my grandma and there was blood all over her pillow."

Early Saturday morning Bainbridge Public Safety officials found Retha Bell Parks dead in her home.

Hours later 39-year-old Michael Davis was arrested and now faces murder and necrophilia charges.

Parks' son James Byrd explained, "Taking a rag and wiping her blood off the walls and the windows-- the window sills. You know, I almost fainted in the room. Because I knew that this was my mama's last place where she tried to defend herself." According to family, Davis used to live with Parks, and he even referred to her as his grandmother.

Yolanda Williams, another one of Parks' granddaughters explained, "We can't believe something like this happened; I mean like how could you do this to her? You stayed with her. This lady took you in you weren't no kin to her and how could you take her life. How could you stab her and then after she was dead you raped her."

The family says every weekend Parks would open her doors for everyone to come together, but now that she's gone neighbors, friends and family are stopping by her home to remember the one they lost.

Another granddaughter said, "I didn't get the chance to say goodbye or I love you before she left..."

Investigators are still looking into cause of death but believe Parks suffered from blunt force trauma.

By Eyewitness News
September 14, 2013

Bainbridge, GA - A Bainbridge man is behind bars, facing murder and necrophilia charges.

Bainbridge Public Safety says 39-year-old Michael Davis was arrested after a the body of Retha Bell was found in her Green Street home at 7am.

The Sheriff's Office believes Bell was killed by blunt force trauma. Bell was a family friend of Davis.

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