Arrests Made In Connection To Suspected Dog Fighting Ring In Bainbridge

Credit: Bainbridge Public Safety
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By: Kara Duffy

Bainbridge, GA-Two men have been arrested in connection to a possible dog fighting ring in our area.

Officials with Bainbridge Public Safety say 46-year-old Dennis Johnson and 35-year-old Corey Sanders have turned themselves in.

The arrests come after 35 pit pulls were found in the backyard of two houses in Bainbridge.

Both men are facing charges of animal cruelty, illegally tethering dogs, not having city-issued dog tags and not vaccinating animals for rabies.

Bainbridge, GA- About 35 dogs are now recovering at the Bainbridge-Decatur County Humane Society after being rescued from a possible dog fighting ring in Bainbridge.

"A lot were very emaciated," said Beth Eck, the director of the humane society. "There was a lot of scarring on their faces and upper body. A lot of over-breeding, where you could tell the females have just had multiple, multiple litters."

A Bainbridge Public Safety Officer was patrolling the area on Saturday when he discovered the large amount of pit bulls in the backyard of a house along Columbia Street.

He says many of them were tied up, bleeding and looked malnourished.

"There were roughly 20 to 25 dogs in this one man's yard," said BPS investigator Ryan Deen. "As we were doing the investigation, looking around, we also noticed a couple houses over, there was an additional number of dogs, in a similar state."

Investigators say they found evidence in both backyards leading them to believe these dogs were used and bred for dog fighting.

"Several of them tried to fight on scene and at the humane society, they've also had similar circumstances where the dogs are trying to get to the other animals that are housed near them," Deen said.

Investigators say they have two suspects, but have not yet made an arrest.

Investigators say once arrested, the suspects could face animal cruelty, neglect and numerous other charges.

Bainbridge, GA - Photos have been released today of a suspected dog-fighting ring in Bainbridge.

Two suspects have been identified, but have not yet been arrested.

All of the dogs have had medical attention. One dog has a broken tail, another has a broken shoulder, and many show cuts to thier faces and bodies.

Bainbridge Public Safety Release

Bainbridge, GA - According to Bainbridge Public Safety, BPS is investigating a potential dog fighting ring discovered Saturday, January 19.

Sergeant David Cutchin was patrolling on Columbia St. when he noticed a large number of dogs located behind a home on the 700 block. Cutchin began looking at the animals and noticed some were bleeding and many were malnourished.

Upon further investigation, Cutchin discovered a residence located behind the one on Columbia St. (located on Love St.) also had a large number of dogs. Both residences showed signs of dog fighting.

Over 40 dogs were retrieved from the two residences. A vet is currently evaluating each dog's condition. BPS's Criminal Investigation Division is investigating and determining charges. Arrests are pending

Credit: Bainbridge Public Safety

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