Balanced Budget Means New Teachers And New Buildings For Valdosta City Schools

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Winnie Wright
June 12, 2014

Valdosta, GA - With a budget of around $88 million for 2015, the Finance Director for Valdosta City Schools says they are happy to not only have balanced budget, but also to BE adding 8 new openings for teachers.

"There's no millage increase, we have no furlough days, our kids will have 180 days of instruction', says Bob Jones.

A balanced budget means that taxes won't go up, says Jones. Teachers won't be laid off, and the school system will be able to go ahead with maintenance and building projects for local schools.

The school system says a major project on next year's budget is the new athletic complex and gym at Newbern Middle School.

Dr. Dan Altman, Principal at Newbern Middle, says it's an exciting time at the school. He says the new buildings and no furloughs will boost morale, and new positions mean smaller class sizes for students.

"We are increasing academic achievement with our students and the 180 days of instruction goes well along to do that for our kids", he says.

Jones also says the number of students attending Valdosta City Schools grew last year, and is expected to grow again this year.

In Tuesday's board meeting, Valdosta City Schools approved a timeline for the construction of the new Valdosta High School.