Bat Swoops in on Court During FSU Basketball Game

By: Lanetra Bennett
January 22, 2014

Tallahassee, FL - If you caught last night's FSU Men's Basketball game, you saw an extra winged player make its way onto the court.

A bat stopped the game momentarily; and it's not the first time bats have stolen the show at the Leon County Civic Center.

FSU player Okaro White makes the three! In for a rebound... a bat??

Yep, that was a bat that flew onto the basketball court during FSU Men's Basketball game against Notre Dame Tuesday night in the Leon County Civic Center.

Tallahassee resident Jaron Williford says, "I saw it on TV when I was watching the game. The bat was flying, the announcers were talking about it. I think one of the players actually swatted at the bat. So, that was kind of funny."

Arielle Williford says she saw a bat in the arena during the circus last week. She says, "All the little kids that we were with were talking about oh, did you see that bat? They were talking about how it almost hit one of the performers beforehand. They were really excited about the bat, almost more excited about the bat than the circus."

We're told there could be thousands of bats nesting in the civic center.

A contractor working Wednesday says he was using metal to cover spaces between the roof and concrete walls, and using caulking to seal the cracks between the beams.

Experts say once you seal one part of the building, it only forces bats to go to a different part. Therefore, the entire civic center will need to be sealed.

Below is a statement from Florida State University

Florida State University has been working diligently to address the presence of bats in the Tucker Center. The university has hired animal control experts to safely and humanely relocate the bats, which are being moved to an external location. This effort, which follows protocols for endangered animals, requires several steps and will take some time. Environmental health and safety officials have assured the university there is no immediate health and safety risk.

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