Be Informed Before You Purchase Fireworks

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Press Release: Tallahassee Fire Department

The Tallahassee Fire Department would like to remind residents of Leon County that certain fireworks are prohibited to possess in the State of Florida.

Though all fireworks are hazardous, prohibited fireworks pose extra dangers. Prohibited fireworks are typically very powerful and are made without the quality controls standards of legal products.

This makes them extremely unpredictable Consumers in Leon County should know that vendors in our area are legally selling otherwise prohibited fireworks under an exemption designed for the purpose of authorized use in transportation, fish hatcheries, military and other specifically stated purposes.

Consumers are required to sign a verification wavier certificate, attesting that the fireworks will be used for this specific purpose. If residents use or possess fireworks covered under the above exemption, they may be subject to criminal charges up to and including a $1,000 fine and one year in jail. Fire officials want consumers to know that signing the fireworks exemption waiver does not exempt them from following the law and to only buy fireworks from a permitted vender.

Please visit the Florida State Fire Marshal’s website at for a list of approved fireworks.

Source, Florida State Statute Chapter 791 section 791.04 / 791.07

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