Bealls Department Store Catches Fire

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September 13, 2013

The Tallahassee Fire Department has cleared the scene at Bealls Department Store located at 3240 North East Capital Circle. At 1:58 a.m. a small fire in the rear storage and receiving area of the store activated the sprinkler system which kept the fire contained to a small area.

The two sprinkler heads were activated by the heat given off by the fire. Firefighters forced entry when they noticed smoke throughout the building and extinguished the fire which contained some books and other merchandise. Firefighters worked for two hours clearing smoke from the building and securing the scene.

TFD Fire Investigators along with help from Bealls officials were able to review security footage and determine the fire started in a fluorescent light and spread to merchandise stored below the fixture.

At the time of this release, officials with Bealls were still determining the damages from the fire and making appropriate arrangements to reopen the store at some later point.

No other businesses in the complex were effected by the fire and no injuries were reported. The Tallahassee Police Department assisted with securing the scene.

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