Benefit Fundraiser For Katie Schlinger

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By:Emily Johnson
January 26, 2014

Tallahassee, FL - "It's crazy to me to see how many people came out to support me," said Katie Schlinger, Sexual Assault Victim.

Katie Schlinger was surrounded by loved ones at her benefit fundraiser this afternoon. The 26-year-old is recovering after being sexually assaulted and beaten by Michael Fuller. Schlinger had agreed to give Fuller a ride to the hospital when the brutal attack happen in Aiken, South Carolina back in December. "It's overwhelming, it makes me want to cry," said Schlinger.

Schlinger is now facing more than $250,000 in medical bills, her family and friends said they are doing everything they can to help with the cost. "So pretty much what we're just trying to do is rally behind this beautiful person and raise as much money as we can to help her through however long this transition and journey is going to be," said Dylan Rattien, A best friend to Schlinger.

More than 200 people came out to Schlinger's fundraiser which was hosted by her former coworkers at Cabos Island Grill & Bar. "It's just been amazing, the donations that have been brought in for our silent auction and raffle are astounding and then just the community support that we're seeing in showing up is just awe-inspiring," said Rattien.

Schlinger said she still has a long road to recovery, but this benefit has been helpful in her healing process. "It gives me faith in humanity again and you know that not everyone is evil," said Schlinger.

Fuller is facing several charges including Kidnapping and Criminal Sexual Conduct. He remains behind bars in South Carolina.

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