Big Bend Bird Club Hosts 25th Annual Exotic Bird Show

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The North Florida fairgrounds was full of celebration Saturday and all the chatter wasn't just coming from the people there.

The Big Bend Bird Club held its Annual Exotic Bird Show and Festival. Talking parrots and other exotic feathered friends were on site.

Bird lovers could learn more about the animals as well as buy and adopt them.

There was also face painting and raffles. The Big Bend Bird Club has been around for 25 years.

"We get together monthly. We share information. Our birds socialize together. We socialize together. And we help people out with basic bird care. If they have questions we can help and support each other, especially new bird owners," Brian Dow, a Big Bend Bird Club member said.

The club also rescues birds.

To become a member visit or call 850-841-BEAK.

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