Big Bend Bomb Squad Visits Crawfordville Home

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By: Garin Flowers

Crawfordville, FL - For hours the big bend bomb squad searched a home they say had unsecured pyrotechnics.

They were out there since last night.

Julie and Andy that's right, dozens of law enforcement vehicles were out here searching this home on Dan Miller Road in Crawfordville. They say they found a large amount of unsecured pyrotechnics.

They were first called here last night in regards to a suicide. They found a body and the pyrotechnics.

They say the person they found was a hobbyist of fireworks. Neighbors in the area said the same. They even told us each year he had a huge fireworks display for people around the Fourth of July.

So now authorities have left the scene saying all they found was improperly and weirdly stored fireworks.

The man who died lived here with his wife and authorities suspect no foul play in this case. There will be no arrests.

By: Garin Flowers

Crawfordville, FL - Authorities in a local county are saying a bomb squad was called out for pyrotechnics that ended up being regular fireworks.

Keith Blackmar, Wakulla County Sheriff's Office PIO, says they got a call Wednesday night about a suicide.

That led them to a home on Dan Miller road. They found the body, but noticed what they thought were pyrotechnics.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, Leon County Sheriff's Office, Tallahassee Police and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement all assisted with a search.

It lasted until Thursday afternoon and they say what they found were fireworks. They are calling the deceased man a hobbyist of them.

Neighbors that knew him say he put on a spectacular fireworks show every year for the 4th of July.

WCSO deputies say the man lived in the house with his wife.

By:Mike Springer
February 14, 2013

Crawfordville, FL - The Big Bend Bomb Squad is on scene at a Crawfordville home after deputies say 'unsecured pyrotechnics' were found inside the home.

Keith Blackmar, spokesman for the Wakulla County Sheriff's Office says the department received a call Wednesday about a suicide at the home on Dan Miller Road in Crawfordville.

Blackmar says deputies investigated the home and discovered 'unsecured pyrotechnics' inside of it. He would not elaborate on the specific types of explosives.

The Tallahassee Police Department, ATF and FDLE are all on scene assisting the Sheriff's Office.

Blackmar says none of the homes in the area are being evacuated at this time and the road is not closed.

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