Quest for Sasquatch

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By: Matt Galka

Torreya State Park: that's where the Brown's said they spotted Bigfoot last time and that's where they got their footage, so if we're lucky, we might just see him again.

Wakulla's Stacy Brown Sr. and Jr. had submitted footage claiming to have seen Bigfoot through a thermal camera at Torreya State Park in Liberty County.

There were more than a few doubters, myself included, so I had to see what this operation was all about, and there was little doubt at the Sasquatch Hunter's camp.

"So you really think it's out there?" I ask.

"Oh absolutely, without a doubt, without a doubt, and I believe we're going to find him," Stacy Brown, Jr., Sasquatch Hunter, said. "This is the group that will find him."

There was even talk of a sighting the night before.

"Behind a tree something poked it's head out and was staring at us, and it had red eyes and you could see it blink, and it opened it's eyes again and just went off to the right; it was pretty crazy," Brown, Jr. said.

Lead Squatch Hunter Stacy Brown, Jr. mapped out a plan for his team to surround a secluded section of woods in the park.

"We're going into an area where there ain't nobody, so I don't know what to expect, but we're going to flush whatever's in those woods out," Brown, Jr. said.

And as day turned to night, the Quest for Sasquatch was on.

"We've got night visions lining the road, filming anything that decides to cross the road," Brown Jr., said. "There's three exits, so it's either going to come at us, at them, or go to the road because it can't go toward the river."

"This is what we call stick structures that we believe Sasquatch makes," Brown Jr. said. "That's the kind of stuff that make you believe, I mean what's the chances of all that falling together woven like that? But if you don't believe you ain't going to believe, so."

The 'Squatch hunters didn't find anything that night, but say they're still committing time and money to the hunt about three times a month.

Crawfordville, FL - Stacy Brown, Sr. and Junior of Crawfordville are part of The Sasquatch Hunters. They say their equipment may have captured footage of the elusive Bigfoot back in May in Liberty County.

"The hair stood on the back of my neck when I figured out it was watching us. Whatever it was was looking out behind that tree at us," said Stacy Brown, Sr.

The video was shot with a thermal camera in Torreya State Park. Brown, Jr. was skeptical until his own close encounter when he was on a hunt with a friend.

"We were asleep and we felt something push in the top of our tent. My buddy woke up screaming...I woke up and we heard it run off. That's when I went all in," said Brown, Jr.

Brown, Sr. said he had his doubts until shooting this footage. The family has spent thousands of dollars to buy equipment and try to go on hunts 10 days a month. Brown, Jr. has been all around the country on different hunts.

He even has a message for the doubters.

"Get out there and come with us, it'll change your mind I assure you," said Brown, Jr.

The Browns say they just released the footage because they got it verified by the show Finding Bigfoot.

For more information, go to The two say they are always looking for tips, and welcome anyone to join them on a hunt.

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