Biggest Race in Leon County Today? School Mascot Elections [SLIDE SHOW]

Tallahassee, FL - It's already Super Tuesday at one local school. Today (10-30) was election day at Governors Charter Academy in Tallahassee.

The new school didn't have a mascot yet. So, students voted on one.

Students had real voting booths from the Leon County Supervisor of Elections Office.

Each grade level had a primary election where they came up with their nominees, and those nominees made onto the final ballot.

Administrators say it taught the students about the democratic process and exercising the right to vote.

Third grader Shay Reshard says, "The third grade voted for the Knights because we are brave, strong, and true."

Principal Dr. Adriane Peters says, "They've had the opportunity to learn about the importance of campaigning and advertising and marketing. As you can see in our hallways, there are great posters. Students have made signs, they've come up with slogans. So, I think they really got into it. It has been amazing."

The nominees were Cheetah, T-Rex Smashers, Eagles, Knights, Sharks, Wolves, and Bull Dogs.

The winner is the Knights. That will now be the official mascot of Governors Charter Academy.

Tallahassee, FL - The polls are closed and the winner is the "Knights."

Tallahassee, FL - Students at Governor's Charter Academy will be voting today to choose their school's mascot. The students nominated the mascots and had campaigns. WCTV interviewed one student who voted for the Knights to be the mascot. The slogan for the Knights is "Brave and True."

One 4th grader self-reported that he voted for the Bulldogs, but word is that "T- Rex Smashers" is the most popular candidate at this time.

Kindergarten and first graders had picture ballots, while older students had word ballots. Students even had to have voter registration cards to be able to cast their ballots.

Results should be in by the end of the school day.

Tallahassee, FL - October 30, 2012 - 10 am - Students at Governor's Charter Academy will be voting today to choose their school's mascot. Voting began at 8:15 this morning with the school's kindergarten classes and will continue until the early afternoon.

The students have been learning about the voting process and Ion Sancho, Leon County Supervisor of Elections has donated the use of voting booths and ballots for the students to have the true election experience.

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