Bikers and StarMetro Improve Relations in Tallahassee

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By: Bailey Myers

Tallahassee, FL - Riding your bike through the capitol cit. There's a lane for that, but some argue it's been more dangerous than scenic lately because of some bus service.

Local Cyclist Karen Loewen, said, "I watched a bus practically push another cyclist into a curb. To the point she hopped on the side walk to get out of the way."

Getting out of the way of a more than eleven ton vehicle is no easy task-- but its one Karen Loewen and other bikers in Tallahassee say they face regularly.

She later said, "People are not waiting for us to get out of their way...They are in a hurry."

That's why the Joint City County Bicycle work group met with Star Metro Monday-- to improve their relationship.

One StarMetro representative expressed his concern, "If we can really get the process in place to improve the communication between you and us?"

Bus drivers are trained to stay about five feet away from bikers on the road at all times that's about the length of my arm span. Now the question some of the cyclists have are whether or not all of the bus drivers are doing exactly that.

StarMetro explained to the group, "The bus drivers are out on their own, the bosses are not hovering over their shoulder to tell them oh, you did this right you didn't do that right."

Both cyclists and StarMetro agree-- there can be a check and balance program established.

Apart of the Joint Tallahassee Leon County Planning Committee Transportation Planner, Megan Doharty said, "It was really beneficial for the cyclists to learn more about how they can report any issues they encounter to the StarMetro Staff."

StarMetro also informed the cyclists attending tonight's meeting a plan to incorporate a memo in their program to inform drivers to make sure they are aware of bikers on the road.

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