'Biking For Boobies'

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By: Emily Johnson
September 6, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - They're calling it "Biking for Boobies".

Mike Buonaiuto and Nate Frankoski embarked on a 75 day journey from Boca Raton, Florida to Los Angeles, California.

Their inspiration came from a ride they did for the Wounded Warrior Project a year ago riding up the East coast from Key West, Florida to Toronto, Canada where they raised $10,000.

Now they are sixteen days into their journey when they stopped in Tallahassee to get some rest for the long days ahead. This ride is for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation where they're looking to raise $37,000.

So far they have encountered many different obstacles along the way, but they're enjoying the adventures for a great cause.

Mike and Nate rely upon donations and kind people communities they come across for their help.

They travel smart by calling ahead to hotels and using the website hostcouch.org when looking for places to stay. They say most of the time they don't know the person that they're staying, but are glad they're willing to help them out.

What gets most peoples attention when traveling is their outfits. They call them biking billboards and are a great way for people to spot them on the highways.

If you're traveling on the roads be on the lookout for these guys...

If you want to know more about Mike and Nate you can visit their website below:

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