Guns in Schools Bill Gets Through Committee

Associated Press Release

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) -- A bill allowing designated employees to carry guns on school grounds has cleared a Florida House committee despite opposition.

Supporters say the bill would give schools a fighting chance if they were ever targeted for attacks.

Opponents counter that arming teachers or other school staff is the wrong response to last year's massacre at an elementary school in Connecticut.

The bill (HB 1097) was advanced by the House Judiciary Committee on an 11-7 vote Tuesday. The bill would allow principals to designate certain school employees to carry guns at school. Those employees would receive the same training as armed security guards.

The bill's opponents include groups representing Florida school boards and school administrators.

By: Lanetra Bennett

Some area parents are supportive of a bill that would allow designated employees to carry guns at Florida schools .

The measure passed its first House committee Wednesday.

Under the proposal, school principals would be allowed to designate someone who could carry a gun at his or her school. That person would have to go through statewide firearms training and the same training required for armed guards.

One Tallahassee mother, Meghan Suber, says, "Like the school shooting that just happened, you don't want people just walking up in the school shooting. I'm sure if the teachers have guns, they're not going to turn on the kids. So, as long as it keeps our kids safe, I don't mind it at all. I'm for it."

The bill has three more committees to go through before it can move to the floor.

A similar legislation in the Senate has yet to be heard.

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