'Blended Lives' Program Promotes Cultural Harmony

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John G. Riley Center Release: Riley Museum & Partners Launch Nationally Recognized Blended Lives Cultural Exchange Program

TALLAHASSEE - Over 2,000 fourth graders from district-wide Leon County schools will be transported back in time during the Blended Lives Cultural Exchange Program featuring 4-days of cultural enrichment through the narration of folklorist, storytellers and musicians that will bring 500 Years of Florida's history to life! The cultural immersion experience will begins Tuesday, January 29th and concludes on Friday, February 1st, 2013 from 9:00 A.M. until 1:00 P.M. each day.

Blended Lives is a significant partnership that demonstrates how museums, schools, and other community organizations can put racial and cultural harmony into practice through programs that reflect diversity, broaden understanding, and build meaningful connections to shared history. It is a direct attempt to involve our community in revisiting its rich and diverse past. During the 4-day event, he Riley Museum will engage over 2,500 fourth-grade students, from each elementary schools throughout the Leon County School District, in an unforgettable journey through time which encompasses a walking tour of the Goodwood Museum & Gardens as well as the historic Riley House Museum, which is funded in part by the Community Human Service Partnership (CHSP), the Leon County Council on Arts & Culture (COCA) and in cooperation with the Leon County School District, is designed this year to coincide with the statewide Viva Florida 500 historical commemoration.

Blended Lives 2013 is a celebration of our community's history that is uniquely designed to entertain, encourage, and educate both children and adults. Our vision is to explore the powerful roots of our collective history and instill a new appreciation for heritage that may have otherwise gone untold. Whether re-enacting childhood games or introducing African instruments, Blended Lives has consistently conducted an informative and entertaining program for all ages. Each year, there are different opening speakers and different themes highlighted, based on a curriculum developed by the Riley Center/Museum of African American History and Culture, Goodwood Museum and Gardens, and the Leon County School District..

For more information regarding the event and/or our organization please visit www.rileymuseum.org or contact Marion McGee at (850) 339-2757.

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