Blind Tallahassee Man Has A Brush With Death At An Intersection

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By: Bailey Myers
August 3rd, 2013

Tallahassee FL - A blind Tallahassee man had a brush with death Saturday at the intersection of Killearn Center Boulevard and Village Square.

Robert Miller explained, "If it wasn't for would be doing a different story."

It's a story about his seeing eye dog, Sherman, who saved his life. Robert Miller has been blind since he was born, and has depended on his seeing eye dogs since he was seventeen, but on Saturday that bond between man and dog was tested.

"He lunged to the left and back, pulling me away from the truck," Miller said.

Miller also said Sherman stopped him in the middle of the cross walk before a semi-truck rounding the corner was able to fully hit him. Instead it only hit his right arm, knocking him over in the middle of the intersection.

"And I've been hit twice at that intersection, and it could very well have cost me my life," said Miller.

Both Miller and his wife Sila, who is also legally blind, take that walk every day. Hoping that people obey the traffic laws.

Particularly one law, Florida's White Cane Law, which states: "Whenever a pedestrian is crossing... guided by a dog guide or carrying in a raised or extended position a cane... the driver of every vehicle approaching the intersection...shall bring his or her vehicle to a full stop. "

The difficulty is, it doesn't seem like many people know about the law. When asked, 'Have you ever hear of the white cane law' one passer by said, "No I've never hear of that."

Eyewitness News Reporter Bailey Myers asked more than a dozen passersby, and they all had the same answer, 'No, I don't know it.'

According to Miller even the police officer who arrived after he was hit didn't know about it either.

Robert's wife Sila Miller said, "It's very frustrating when your independence is compromised like that by someone just being in a hurry or not paying attention."

Both of the Millers have been hit by a car at that intersection. Now, they just hope Florida's Legislature addresses the issue and work to get the word out about the White Cane Law.

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