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By: Lanetra Bennett
November 14, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - Board members have found a new leader to head the Bond Community Health Center in Tallahassee. The new C.E.O. says working with struggling health facilities is nothing new for him, so he's up for his latest challenge.

The top candidate for the job, Richard Perry, ended up declining the offer back in August. Thursday, the second man in line, gladly took his post as Bond Community Health Center's new C.E.O.

As we first reported Wednesday, Bernard Goodman, M.H.A. is the new CEO. On Thursday, the board of directors made it official.

"I do have the experience." Says, Goodman.

Dr. Bernard Goodman has been associated with community health centers since 1993--first as a consultant, followed by several stints as C.E.O. at various urban and rural health centers.

He says a first priority for Bond is to find opportunities for improvements. He says, "Look at the immediate needs. Evaluate your staff, provide training whenever there's a need, provide incentives, set productivity goals."

Bond's previous C.E.O., J.R. Richards, was fired last year after a second D.U.I. arrest.

One of the facility's founders, Dr. Edward Holifield, says he's worried recent operational and financial problems will continue to plague the health center, even with the new leadership.

Holifield says, "This person came from a facility in Phoenix, Arizona that is a failed facility. It's now closed. So to think that we are hiring somebody to lead Bond who's coming from a failed facility, is not all that encouraging. The fear in the community is that Bond simply will not prevail."

Goodman says, "Bond will be successful in all of its endeavors."

Goodman says he's directed four community health centers experiencing the same financial or operational challenges as Bond. He says the love of the mission will improve relationships with the organization and the community.

By: Lanetra Bennett
November 14, 10:30am

Bond Community Health Center's Board of Directors introduced Bernard Goodman, MHA as its new Chief Executive Officer this morning.

Administrators say Goodman has experienced immense success as a CEO and consultant for several federally qualified health centers dating back as far as 1993.

A new leader for running day to day operations at Bond Community Health Center will be named Thursday.

WCTV Eyewitness News has confirmed Doctor Bernard Goodman will be named the new Chief Executive Officer.

Goodman most recently was the CEO at Estrella Family Medical, a private practice in Goodyear, Arizona outside Phoenix.

Goodman will be introduced as Bond's new CEO Thursday morning at the health center.

News Release: Bond Community Health Center

Tallahassee, FL – Bond Community Health Center’s Board of Directors has selected a new CEO. The board will introduce the CEO at a press event on Thursday, November 14, 2013 at 10:00 am.

Who: Bond Community Health Center

What: Introduce new CEO

Where: Bond Community Health Center
231 Gadsden Street
Tallahassee, Florida
Conference Room

When: Thursday, November 14, 2013, 10:00 am.

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