New Bill Takes On Booster Seat Age Requirement

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Tallahassee, FL - Amber Kristian makes sure to buckle her daughter Kaitlyn into her booster seat every time they get in the car. As Kaitlyn gets bigger, we asked her mom, how long she plans on using that booster seat.

"I think they say four foot is the magic number," said Kristian. That magic number could soon be 4'9" if one lawmaker in Florida has his way. A bill just filed Monday by Senator Thad Altman would keep little ones, like 6 year old Kaitlyn, in that booster seat while she's younger than seven, or shorter than 4'9", whichever comes first. Which for her is still about nine inches away.

"You can never be too safe with children in the car," said Officer Dave Northway with the Tallahassee Police Department. He says having that booster seat could make all the difference in an accident.

"It takes up the space to the seat belt so that they're matched to it. The booster seat takes up that space they would be occupying if they were bigger," said Officer Northway.

The bill to put a height and age requirement in place has come and gone at the Florida Capitol for more than a decade. Not passing, in some cases, because of a concern for families who can't afford to upgrade. But law or not, some parents say strapping in gives them peace of mind every time they get in the car.

Sen. Altman pushed this bill in the last legislative session, but it failed to pass.

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