Boston Seminole Club Relieved After Bombing Suspect's Arrest

Residents all across the country are reacting to the news of the second bombing suspect's capture.

That includes residents from Tallahassee who now live in Boston, who were hoping for a quick resolve.

FSU alumnus and president of the Boston Seminole Club, John Gant has lived in Boston for six years.

He says he's seen a lot in the Air Force, from emergency medic to technician, but says the law enforcement presence, manhunt, and lockdown in Boston have still been overwhelming.

Gant says he and his family are tremendously relieved at the conclusion of this terrible tragedy.

He says seeing so many police cars and ambulances all week long has been surreal. He says that he was nearly pushed aside as convoys of law enforcement vehicles flew down the highways in their manhunt.

Gant says he was reluctant to rush to judgment when authorities first released the identities of the two suspects.

He says, "You see two innocent looking kind of guys or whatever, and you don't necessarily know. But, after the events of shoot-outs on the street and throwing bombs and killing police officers and robbing people and taking people hostage, your blood is up and you just want to go get them."

Gant says he was not in the area when the bombs went off Monday but he says, quote, "This feels like an assault on my person."

After tonight's capture, Gant says his family is looking forward to the wonderful spring just getting underway there in Boston, and hope for a better year from here on out.

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