Box Out Bullying: National Play about Bullying comes to Big Bend

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Around 160,000 kids miss school everyday because of fear they will be bullied. Kids at Greenville Elementary got the chance to learn how to 'box out bullying.'

Jeremy Rubenstein brought his national production out to Madison county this week. He's president of Box Out Bullying.

A production based on teaching kids it's cool to take a stand against bullies.

"There was actually an unfortunate incident in a district where I was student teaching at and I was compelled by other teachers in my district to try and do something," Rubenstein said.

Madison School district officials brought his skit to town as a part of National Bullying Prevention Month.

"One of our main messages is to empower the bystander. To turn that student who would see bullying and do nothing, turn them into a student who sees bullying and tries to do something to help stop it," Rubenstein said.

Students from K-through-5th grade were all there and they seemed to have a great time.

But, students weren't the only ones to enjoy themselves.

"Kids are afraid of being called a tattle-tell, so they don't do it. So, I enjoyed his perspective," said Valencia Barnes, principal of Greenville Elementary.

The one-hour skit included student interaction and ways to combat bullying. The goal is to let students know bullying is wrong and it's okay to speak up about it.

"Always go tell the teacher and never do bad things to other [people]," said third grader, Jessenia Mendez.

This was Box Out Bullying's first Florida performance, visiting various Madison county schools this week.

You can find out more information about the owner and production at

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