Boy Arrested In Marianna After Choking His Grandma, Stealing Vehicle

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News Release: Jackson County Sheriff's Office

On 1/09/14 at approximately 0057 hours, the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office received a call in reference to a juvenile that had battered his grandmother and stolen her vehicle and a shotgun from her residence.

Upon the deputy’s arrival at approximately 0114 hours, it was determined that the juvenile was wanting to flee the area due to possibly being in trouble with Law Enforcement on another unrelated incident.

The deputy was able to get a good description of the juvenile and the stolen vehicle and this information was broadcast to the other units in the county and the city of Marianna in an effort to locate him.

The deputy was able to learn from the victim that when she refused to give the juvenile the keys to her vehicle, he choked her and took them forcefully from her purse. He then cut the phone lines to keep her from calling for help and took her shotgun from beside the bedroom door and fled the residence in her vehicle.

At approximately 0130 hours, a Marianna Police Officer observed the vehicle traveling inside the city limits and performed a traffic stop on the vehicle. The Marianna Police Officer along with another deputy from the Sheriff’s Office was able to take the juvenile into custody without incident and recovered both the stolen vehicle and shotgun.

The juvenile was arrested and transported to the Department of Juvenile Justice in Panama City.

Charges: Battery on Person over 65
Domestic Battery by Strangulation
Grand Theft Auto
Grand Theft Firearm
Tampering with Witness

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