Students From Brazil Take Courses At FAMU

By: Lanetra Bennett
November 14, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - A group of Brazilian students is getting the experience of a lifetime at FAMU.

Twenty-four students from Brazil are taking classes at FAMU. Administrators say the 15-week program is a first for the university.

The Brazilian government is providing the funding to allow the students to enrich their English language skills.

Once the students adequately pass the English language portion, they'll move on to a full slate of engineering or math courses.

Electrical Engineer major Joao Nizer says, "I always dreamed to come to the United States and study electrical engineering and getting contact with American students mainly my major. So, I'm real excited."

The program is called, "Science Without Borders". Administrators say FAMU was chosen because of its strength in science, technology, engineering, and math --known as S.T.E.M.--courses.

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