Break Over, Now It's Budget Time

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By Matt Galka
August 21, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - While crews smoothed out the sidewalk outside of Tallahassee's city hall, commissioners prepared to get back to work inside.

"We have a meeting this week, we have a meeting next week, but I think what's really on most of our minds is what's the budget going to look like," said city commissioner Gil Ziffer.

"We gave direction to the staff before we went on break and we'll start to have public hearing in September."

Facing about a $5 million dollar shortfall, the proposed budget including adding positions to Star Metro as well as adding six police officers. Tallahassee's new public safety complex may mean that those extra members of the force aren't necessary.

"The sheriff's department and the police department working together on responses, we may have actually more staffing available than we orginally planned, so those positions may not be necessary," said Ziffer.

City commissioner Scott Maddox is confident the commission is on the verge of a balanced budget.

"I think we're close, we're hashing out a belt tightening budget, we'll be able to pay for some extra things but not a whole lot, but there won't be any tax increases for citizens which i think is important as we're having economic recovery just beginning in Tallahassee," said Maddox.

The city commissioners will have back to back commission meetings this week and next week before public budget hearings start September 11th. The final hearing will be held September 25th.

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