Brooks County High School Hosts Run For the Peaches Race

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By Eames Yates
May 11, 2013

Quitman, GA -

Brooks County High School hosted its third annual Run For the Peaches Race today in Quitman. Five high schools from throughout Georgia took part. Each team built their own car from scratch. They raced their creations to see who can come in first on one battery charge. The event featured two races and is aimed at teaching kids real world building skills.

Don Morgan is a teacher at Brooks County High School. He said "real world stuff. These kids have designed these cars. They had to learn electronics, they had to learn fabrications. You know have to learn how to cut and bend tubing, how to weld it, how to set up breaks. This is not something out of a box, there is no instruction manual."

The winner of the race got a box of local peaches.

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