Brooks County Says Goodbye To School Resource Officers

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By Greg Gullberg
July 30, 2013

Brooks County, GA - It's a matter of safety in the schools. Students are getting ready to return to the classroom.

But in Brooks County, Georgia, they are heading back to school without any School Resource Officers.

School starts again here in Brooks County next week. This time every year they have a community input meeting where residents at large can discuss school issues. One issue on lots of parent's minds-- holding classes with no School Resource Officers. SROs as they're called are responsible for the security of the schools.

In May, the School Board voted to cut them out. That saves Brooks schools 50,000 dollars a year. The Sheriff's Department pays the other half of their salaries. School officials assure us there will be some form of security in their place. We spoke with numerous school system officials today and could not get any answer on what that might be. Parents we've talked to say they are concerned.

Tammy Blankumsee, Quitman resident: "I think they definitely need to have them in the school for the protection of the kids. Without them there could be more crime. And to prevent it they need to have their resource officers there like they have in the past."

School officials say they want to work with the Sheriff's Department about making other safety arrangements. Sheriff Mike Dewey tells us he wants to work something out too-- but no one is asking him about it and he says it's out of his hands... Making it an issue between the School Board and the County Commission.

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