Trojans Back To Practice After Losing Three Players In Car Crash

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By Eames Yates
July 16, 2013

Brooks County, GA - A week to the day after the Brooks County Trojans lost three players in a deadly SUV crash, they're back on the field for practice.

Maurice Freeman is the Brooks High School Trojans Coach. He said "it's a way for us to start to heal our own hearts also. By facing the giant, by facing that tree again that we lost those young men by. Coming across to the school, coming to this field and just trying to get your life back together."

Thomas Bryant is a Brooks High School Trojan. He said "I feel like it's a healing process, cause we need to live up to their legacy and keep it going on and do it just for them. Go to state this year, nothing less than a ring."

The funerals for Shawn Waters and Johnie Parker were held last weekend. Jicarre Watkins' will be held this Saturday at eleven AM at Veterans Stadium. The fourth person in the car De'Vron Whitfield, who is Shawn's brother, survived the crash.

Coach Freeman went on to say "De'Vron is a tough guy just like the rest of the Trojans. We fully expect him to come back if the doctor releases him, when the doctor releases him."

De'Vron was released from the hospital last week and is recovering at home in Quitman.

The Trojans first game will be on august twenty third against Clinch County High. It's safe to say the whole city of Quitman will be rooting for them.

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