Bryan Stork Inspired By His Late Father

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By: Emily Johnson
February 3, 2014

Tallahassee, FL - The BCS National Championship was Bryan Stork's last game with his Seminole teammates. During his career as a Nole Stork racked up 39 starts and ended as the Remington Award Winner for the nation's best center in college football. Stork said he couldn't of had that success without the guidance from his father, Lawrence Stork. "He was tough on me, but I'm glad he was," said Stork.

The lessons of hard work from his father were cut short when Larry died of colon cancer in 2008. Stork was just a high school senior at the time. "The day he died I cried for 20 minutes and then I moved on, because I knew he was in a happier place, I'm like why am I crying there's no point," said Stork.

Stork said football became his outlet and his father's death provided the fuel he needed to become even better. "It was hard to watch your dad go from a 205 solid pound guy to a 135-140 you know just skinny old man," said Stork

Since his father's death Stork said he was the first one on the field and the last one to leave. Stork's family said they've supported him throughout his football career. "He could have went different and he put everything into football and just dedicated. He's done very well for himself, we're very proud," said Jenny Stork-Wright, Bryan Stork's sister. "None of this was luck or handed to him. The 20 hour days were always put in, regardless of what he did, but football has been his love. Ever since Larry his dad passed away there's been an extra drive there," said Brandon Lewis, Bryan Stork's best friend.

Bryan Stork played for the last time as a Florida State Seminole in the Senior Bowl in Mobile. For Stork it's the closing of one part of his life, but the beginning of another. He's currently training for the NFL Draft in Vero Beach, Florida.

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