Building Named in Honor of Former Schools Superintendent

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It's not often people have a building named in their honor while they're still alive. But, a local man is alive and well and was able to see a dedication just for him.

Gadsden County school officials named their district's transportation building after Dr. Robert Bryant.

They say he was the first black superintendent in their county and the entire state of Florida.

The 84-year-old served in the role from 1984 to 1992.

They unveiled his name on the building at a ceremony Thursday evening.

"My experience as superintendent was a follow-up to being a principal, assistant principal, then superintendent. And then I recognized, it was then on my shoulders to make certain that the boys and girls and the men and women who worked in those schools had the best they could possibly have," Bryant said.

Furthermore, he said the best part of his job was seeing many of his students grow up to be successful members of the Gadsden County community.

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