Crime Plagued Valdosta Game Room

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By Eames Yates
March 20, 2013

Valdosta, GA - A local business at 1401 Troup Street known as the Game Room was torn down Sunday marking an end to a troubled past. The building had played host to a murder in January of this year. Clarence Andrew Casey was charged with shooting Alfred Pierre Bradly.

Valdosta Police Chief Brian Childress said "it's unfortunate that we lost a life there but for it to be gone is a big success for the city and the community."

It had been on the cops' radar for more than a decade. Shortly after the murder there was an attempt to burn the Game Room down. City Councilman James Wright says he'd like to see a community center built in its place. And he's not alone.

One Valdosta resident said "I think that'd be nice because it would be better for the kids and the community."

Franklin Walden Jr. is the Senior Pastor at the Vision Church. He said "just making that area a place where it's not violence, it's not drugs, it's not drinking, it's not sex, it's not about that any more. It's about a place where the kids can come and people can come and learn a job skill."

Chief Childress went on to say "there's been some discussions about should there be a community center there or should there be a park there. Whatever we put there it's going to be better than that game center."

The Game Room was owned by the Vallotton family who were responsible for tearing it down. We've been unable reach them for comment.

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