Burglary Turned Shootout Suspect Found Guilty of Attempted Murder

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Gadsden County, FL, December 7, 2012 - Hearns was found guilty of attempted felony murder, grand theft, and multiple other charges.

Thomas was acquitted of everything except a couple minor theft charges.

Gadsden County, FL - Julius Hearns and Shon Thomas sat quietly inside a Gadsden County courtroom anxiously awaiting their fate from the Jury.

The state of Florida was trying to convince the jury the two men were equally responsible for a burglary back in January 2011. The owner of the home, James Smith, says he came home while the two men were taking his wife's jewelry and his guns. Smith claims one of the men shot at him with the gun as they were fleeing, he fired a shot off back at them. The men then led police on a car chase. It ended in a crash.

Smith called the police during the attempted robbery.

Dispatch: "Okay, one is wearing a blue shirt, tell me what the other ones got on."
Smith: "A beige shirt."
Dispatch: "Okay, are they driving a blue Saturn? Is it a blue car?"
Smith: "BACK UP! BACK UP!"
Dispatch: "Mr. Smith, are you holding them?"
Smith: "I will...don't you shoot at me!"

The two men face charges including attempted felony murder and grand theft. Smith said he was hoping for justice to put the long process to rest

"There's so much of this stuff going on around the county, and I don't have the answer to it, but something's got to change or it's going to get much worse," said Smith.

The jury began deliberating at around 3 p.m. on Friday afternoon. Stay with wctv.tv for the latest on a verdict

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