Bus Service Leaves Elderly Woman Out In The Cold

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Elnora Davis is 87 years old.

On Friday morning, she used Big Bend Transit's service for the first time.

The bus driver was supposed to take Davis to a Gadsden County senior center.

Instead, the driver left her at the Apalachee Center down the road.

Not only was it the wrong place, it wasn't open.

But Davis says the driver took off and left her outside with the temperature barely above freezing.

"I wouldn't want to do it again because it was real cold outside, real cold," said Davis.

"That's just negligent and it's a form of elder abuse as well," said Davis' daughter Rosemary Bailey.

Davis says she sat outside for about 15 minutes before someone came and opened up the Apalachee Center.

After a few minutes inside someone from the senior center picked her up and brought her to the right place.

"She's an old lady, she sits in a wheelchair," said Bailey. "She can't help herself," she said. "If anything happened to her, she was totally defenseless," Bailey said.

Big Bend Transit Operations Manager Shawn Mitchell says it's company policy to never leave anyone at a closed facility.

Bailey says a Big Bend representative did apologize.

But she says no excuse is acceptable.

"This is the first day and this is the last day," said Bailey. "I will not be dealing with Big Bend," she said.

"Maybe I should've told her that this wasn't the place," said Davis. "But I didn't know, it was my first time," he said.

Late Friday afternoon following an investigation, Mitchell told us both the bus driver who dropped off Elnora Davis and the dispatcher have been disciplined.

In a statement he sent, it says Big Bend Transit will strive to make sure a similar incident doesn't happen again.

Big Bend Transit is subsidized by both Florida and federal tax dollars.

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