Local Businesses Suffer Over Rainy Days

By: Lanetra Bennett
July 24, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - As the rainy weather continues, unfortunately for some businesses, their work can't.

Many business owners and workers say it's been a tough summer because they say the rain is keeping them from doing their jobs. That, of course, keeps them from getting paid.

They were excited to hustle at work during the break from rain earlier in the day Wednesday.

Workers with Jeff's Concrete have been waiting to fill the driveway to this Tallahassee home since Monday. They finally got the chance to do it Wednesday.

They say recent rain has made their job difficult.

Supervisor Nell Jefferson says, "It's hard to schedule your work because basically you have to schedule your work from day to day. When you can't keep a schedule, it makes you look bad with the customers. It's a downhill effect. Any time that happens, it's not good for us."

WCTV meteorologists say there has been measurable rain in our area 20 out of the past 23 days.

That's almost torture for Jefferson's business because he can't work if it's raining, and he doesn't get paid until after the job is done.

"It's hard to keep your money in the bank and pay your bills on time." Jefferson says.

Managers at Super Suds say the rain has kept customers and money from rolling in.

Assistant Manager Amber Schmidt says the car wash usually averages more than 100 cars a day. But, says, recently, it's down to about 20.

She says that's cut her working hours down from 40 hours a week, to only 15 to 20.

Schmidt says, "The customers don't come in, of course, getting a car done in the rain, a lot of customers won't. I don't blame them. But, it's just a real big impact that the rain's done. It's tough."

There are some business owners who say that the rain benefits their line of work. Some farmers appreciate the drizzle. We spoke to a landscaper who says the rain keeps his customers from having to run their sprinklers, and says when his customers are happy, he's happy.

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