"Where's Waldo" Campaign Aims To Boost Local Economy

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By: Kara Duffy
July 8, 2013

Thomasville, GA- He's back! Waldo has returned to downtown Thomasville for the second annual, "Shop Waldo Local."

Shoppers of all ages were on a mission Monday to find him.

"I thought it was really fun and it's kind of harder than you think, but it's also a fun way to explore," said 7th grader, Brianna Beach.

Here's how it works: Shoppers can pick up a "Where's Waldo" checklist from The Bookshelf.

Then, the hunt is on to find Waldo, who's hiding out in 26 of Thomasville's locally owned, participating stores.

"It's a fun way to interact with your children, but it's also a fun way to explore all these little stores in downtown Thomasville that you normally might not go in," said Stormy Koch, a Thomasville resident.

Organizers say one of the main goals of "Shop Waldo Local" is to help promote small businesses and get people excited about shopping. So far, business owners say, the event has been successful at doing so.

"It's definitely drawing people in; people that we've never seen before, bringing their children in and of course the parents like what we have to offer so that's a good thing too," said Kathy Murphy, the owner of Kathy's, which is one of the participating stores.

"A lot of stores here on the list are for adults too, so parents won't be bored.," Koch added. "It's just a great way all around to help downtown Thomasville and get the people who live in Thomasville, out."

After you find the Waldo figurine inside the business, an employee will sign off on your checklist. Then, once you've found all 26 Waldos, your name will be entered into a drawing, that will take place at The Bookshelf on July 27.

The winner of the drawing could walk away with a variety of prizes donated from the local businesses, as well as a "Where's Waldo" prize package.

The stores participating in "Shop Waldo Local" are:

The Bookshelf, Mode, Al Dixon, Brook & Nicole, Mary Madison, Earth Lover, Trolly's, Mimi's, Hick's, Sweet Grass Dairy, Unique Boutique, Relish/Dash, Kathy's, Kevin's, Grassroots, Rayanne's, Jim's Jewelry, Gordon Ave Market, Shapes and More, Forever Retro/ Apollo Records, Ponder's Office, Kaleidoscope, Lavish, Serendipity Consignments, New Voyager, Firefly.

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