Couple Sailing From Panama City Delayed By Weather

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By: Emily Johnson
October 6, 2013

Apalachicola, FL - The calm ideal conditions for sailing proved to be too rough for one couple sailing from Panama City Beach, FL to Key West, FL.

"It's swift currents, winds, that we don't want and waves that we don't want," said Laura Ellis

The couple got caught up in the rough seas from the remnants of Tropical Storm Karen on their way to the Keys and had to stop in Apalachicola, FL.

"We love it. It's an old town a lot like the destination that we're going to. It's a lot like Key West as far as the small streets, small buildings. It's just a really neat place," said Butch Farless.

They're both boat captains and are moving south to get ready for the tourist season in the Keys.

"It gets slow. Our season in Panama City is in the summer and the season in Key West is basically the winter," said Farless.

The couple is hoping to leave as early as Tuesday and have been looking at the latest models for up to day information. "We keep a check on the NOAA and Passage Maker. There's a few online sites that we can check to see how the weather is going," said Ellis.

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