Cairo High Holds Mock Crash [GALLERY]

By: Lanetra Bennett
March 27, 2014

Cairo, GA - Cairo High School students walked out of class Thursday to find mangled cars and bodies lying across the school yard.

It was the scene of a mock car crash--one school officials hope will make students think twice about being reckless behind the wheel.

Six students are injured; two were dead upon arrival. Emergency vehicles swarmed Cairo High School as soon as the call came in.

Twelfth grader, Dylan Sheperd, says, "I just walked out here and seen all the people laying around and everything. I seen the cops and everything pull up. So, it kind of touched me a little bit. Makes me not want to have any part of that."

That was the point of the mock crash.

The scenario was eight drunken teenagers crashing three vehicles after leaving a party. School officials hope it deters students from drinking, using drugs, and texting while driving.

Twelfth grader Justin Hill says, "It was a good eye-opener of how they should take their break and be safe every day. You never know when your last day on earth is. Tomorrow isn't promised."

Sheperd says, "I'm going to think about it every time I get in the car."

The re-enactment was in honor of Keldrick Bell, a Cairo High School student who was killed last year in a car crash. His cousin, Andre Baker says, "He was cool with everybody. He was funny. He was a real good person. Everybody misses him."

School officials hope the message sinks in before spring break next week and their upcoming prom and graduation. Students signed pledges after Thursday's mock to pledge not to drink and drive.

By Lanetra Bennett
March 27, 2014

Cairo High School, CYC, and SADD Club held a "Mock Crash" this morning in front of the CHS Auditorium.

The first enactment started promptly at 9:55 a.m. for the seniors. With juniors and seniors approaching Spring Break, Prom and Graduation, administrators wanted them to be responsible adults and make the right choices.

This is a student driven project with the participation of the entire Grady County Response Team, and community. The enactment involved 2 vehicles crashing with the realization of what occurs after a vehicle crash caused by driving under the influence of drugs, alcohol, texting and not wearing a seat belt.

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