Candle Light Vigil for Ryan Uhre

Courtesy of FSU Alert
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By Joe Hellriegel

Tallahassee, Fla. -- "It's been a very difficult few weeks for sure. Since Superbowl when he went missing and the long period of time when we found him and then after that," said Uhre's father, Michael.

Family, friends and other FSU students Wednesday night held a vigil to celebrate the life of Ryan Uhre, who died at just 23. Uhre's father said it's time to focus on celebrating his son's life.

"Last Sunday we had a memorial service at his church in Fort Lauderdale and it was an outpouring of people but here it was great, it was his fraternity friends and his school friends," said Uhre.

Uhre's fraternity brothers took turns talking about their favorite memories of him as they lit the candles.

"He was just a loving person, you hear that about a lot of people but he is the type of person who would say "I love you" every time you ended the conversation with him," said Chris McConville.

"He is the type of person to go out of his way to make friends with someone who looked like they needed a friend, or if they just wanted to talk to someone," added McConville.

McConville was Uhre's high school friend and fraternity brother and describes Uhre as a free spirit, from his music tastes to his Hawaiian themed clothing.

"I think it was a really great tribute to Ryan Uhre. He liked having people gather around and hopefully a bunch of new people are making friends and that's what he would want. It was a really good tribute to him, a good send-off for our final goodbye for Ryan," said McConville.

After the vigil everyone went to the last place Uhre was seen before he went missing at Andrew's to continue the celebration.

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