Demonstration for Lone MIA Soldier [SLIDE SHOW]

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Dozens of veterans gathered at the steps of Florida's historic capitol to raise awareness of American soldiers missing in action.

Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl is listed as America's only MIA in Pakistan. A veteran's group from Ocala, Florida called "The Ride Home" was joined by local veterans who rode into the Capitol courtyard to raise awareness about the missing soldier.

"Bowe is one of many. In the United States of America, not many people are aware we have 84 thousand soldiers unaccounted for. That goes back to the end of WWII. WE're talking 73 thousand from WWII. Eight thousand from Korea. 17 hundred round numbers from Vietnam, and 126 from the Cold War," said The Ride Home member Jim Moyer.

The event was held Thursday because it is Sgt. Begdahl's birthday.

Press Release: Vet Events Tally

Thursday March 28, an organization from Ocala, The Ride Home, will be hosting an event to honor and raise awareness about America's only MIA so far in the War on Terror. Sgt Bo Burgdahl whose status should be Prisoner Of War instead of MIA, is being delayed by bureaucratic red tape at the Pentagon. Vet Events Tally, Vietnam Vets Legacy Vets Motorcycle Club and The Patriot Guard Riders will be joining the Ocala folks for this event. Staging for a Motorcycle Procession to the Capitol Complex will be at 10:30 AM at Miller's Ale House on the Parkway. KSU (kick stands up) at 10:55 AM with Motorcycle parking on the Capitol Grounds.

Ceremonies which include The Empty Table and former POW's and family members speaking will begin at Noon.

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