Car Allegedly Involved In Two Hit And Runs Found Burned At Third Accident

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By: Bailey Myers
December 28th, 2013

Tallahassee FL-Deputies searched for a couple involved in two hit and runs when they stumbled upon their burning car.

As Florida Highway Patrol Trooper Dennis Bogusky explained, "We had a single vehicle accident that was traveling south on county road 53 drove off the roadway into the tree line." The call came into Florida Highway patrol at around 3:50 p.m. Saturday afternoon after a white Grand Prix Pontiac was found crashed on the side of the road.

"There were two previous car accidents where they rear ended two different vehicles and then they continued on down county road 53," Tropper Bogusky said. Deputies searched for the car that was supposedly involved in two other hit and run accidents.

That's when sheriff's deputies were then led to the area off CR 53 where they discovered the white car on fire. When paramedics arrived, both the driver and passenger were found dead.

"We are investigating further," explained Bogusky. We don't know all the causes that led up to this point we do know there are two fatalities."

FHP also told us the driver was a female in her 70s. They have not confirmed her identity but the trooper on scene told us she was somehow connected to her passenger 78 year old Marcus Morrison who was from Madison and is now also deceased. FHP is currently investigating what circumstances led up to two hit and run accidents followed by two fatalities.

Once we have more information on the identity of the woman who was driving the Pontiac we will bring that to you.

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