Car Burglar Arrested After Being Caught In The Act

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Moultrie, GA- A car burglar is arrested after being caught in the act.

Survellience video released by the Moultrie Police Department shows 26-year-old Joshua Thompson in a parking lot along Lower Meigs Road early Christmas morning.

Thompson then walks towards two cars, not visible on camera.

A second suspect, who has not yet been caught, then opens the trunk of the white SUV and that's when police say Thompson brought back a handful of stolen tools and radio equipment.

The two men then take off in the vehicle that Thompson was borrowing at the time.

Corporal Dave Underwood with the Moultrie Police Department said, "We we're given verbal consent by the owner of the vehicle to go inside it, and in the vehicle we found items and other things that directly connected that vehicle to one of the victims at the parking lot."

Thompson turned himself in to police on Wednesday and was charged with entering an auto.

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