Car Crashes Into Two Planes [SLIDE SHOW]

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Valdosta, GA - December 27, 2012 - We all need sleep. But not behind the wheel! Brandon Cowart learned the hard way when he dozed off and drove his Honda Civic through this fence and straight into three airplanes at the Valdosta Regional Airport. It happened around midnight on Sunday. Cowart was able to walk away from the accident with a bump on the head and a missing tooth.

Valdosta Regional Airport Manager Jim Galloway said "I think he was extremely lucky. There were so many obstacles or things in his way that if he had moved a few feet one way or the other I think it would have been a very high likelyhood that he would have perished in the accident."

One of the obstacles that he was just feet away from hitting was a 250 gallon propane tank. The Valdosta Police Department did cite him for Failure to Maintain Lane. It's safe to say it was a big failure.

Lieutenant Aaron Kirk of the Valdosta Police Department said "that's one of the typical charges that are used. And no we do not have any indication that drugs or alcohol were involved in this accident."

There's no tally yet as to the value of the damage done but the planes together cost more than $300,000 dollars. According to the Valdosta Police Department, the driver drove roughly 1,100 feet before making a complete stop.

Valdosta, GA - Around midnight on Monday night, a car drove through a fence and into the Valdosta Regional Airport, crashing into two planes. There were no injuries, but a total of 3 planes were grounded indefinitely. The vehicle was being driven by 24-year-old Brandon Cowart.

WCTV has a reporter on-scene and will bring you more tonight on WCTV Eyewitness News.

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