Car Crashes into Ocala Road Apartment [SLIDESHOW]

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Kara Duffy
May 12, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - The FSU police department and TPD confirm that they know the identity of the driver who crashed into the apartment. However, they are not able to release the name until the investigation is complete.

According to FSU police, the resident's name is Robert Chastain.

Chastain only suffered minor bruises from the crash. He is now in temporary housing in another unit at Pinecrest West Apartments.

According to FSU police department, neither the resident or the suspect have any affiliation with the university.

We will have more details as they become available.

May 12, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - The hunt is on for a man Florida State University police say tried to run an officer off the road, before crashing his car into an apartment complex.

Police say it started shortly before 2:30 Sunday morning along Dewey and Tennessee Street. An officer attempted to pull the car over for a traffic violation, but the driver instead picked up speed.

That's when the officer says the driver quickly turned around and came at him head on with his car. The officer was able to swerve to avoid a crash. The driver, however, lost control and crashed into the Pinecrest West Apartment Complex along Ocala Road.

"The building was occupied by one resident, but right now the report is there were no injuries, everyone seems to be okay so we just have some property damage," said FSU Police Major Jim Russell. "The bad guy ran from the scene. We weren't able to catch him right away but we do have a potential suspect."

Police say once the suspect is caught, he could face numerous charges including aggravated assault and felony hit and run.

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