Arrests Made in Car Chase and Crash with a Twist [PROBABLE CAUSE ATTACHED]

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Tallahassee, FL - A late night search for burglars in Tallahassee leads to the bizarre arrest of suspects in a totally different crime.

Tallahassee Police surrounded the area of 306 White Drive. They were looking for suspects in a home invasion robbery around 10 Thursday night.

Dwight Barnes lives in the apartment complex where the home invasion robbery happened. He says, "I heard two gunshots. Then I seen somebody running through there with a brown and black jacket with brown spots in it. They dodged between the apartments. I seen all the police coming through. It was wild."

The story gets wilder.

After the robbery, an officer says he saw a silver Chevrolet turn in the middle of Columbia Drive and spin its tires.

The officer says he turned on his police lights, but, the car sped away.

The car ended up crashing at the Shell Gas Station on White Drive. Police say the car also crashed into a white Mustang.

The store manager at Shells, Christina Wortham, says, "My clerk calls me and tells me that somebody ran into pump 5. I was afraid. I was afraid a customer might've gotten hurt in the process or was my pump catching on fire."

After the crash, the men hopped out and ran.

An officer says while chasing the passenger, Darrell Paramore, he pulled out his taser, but, it didn't work. The officer says Paramore noticed he'd pulled out another taser and stopped running.

Police say they had to bring out the K-9 team to search for the driver. They say they found him in the rear of 207 Dixie Drive, inside of a trash can, without pants on.

The driver was identfied as Samuel Paramore.

Police say come to find out, the two men had nothing to do with the home invasion robbery.

Police say they're not sure why the men ran. They are charged with hit and run and resisting arrest.

The robbery suspects are still at large.

Tallahassee, FL - We now know the identities of two teens charged in a police chase that ended in a crash last night.

Tallahassee police say someone witnessed two men breaking into a home on White Drive near West Tennessee Street last night.

Police say during the home invasion, shots were fired.

On the scene, an officer noticed a car drive by, and then speed off. Police say 19 year old Samuel Parramore and 16 year old Darrell Parramore were in that car.

Officers chased the vehicle which drove down White Drive, then rammed into two cars.

The car ended up smashing into a gas pump at the Shell Gas Station off of White Drive and Pensacola Street.

Police say Darrell and Samuel Parramore, started to run.

They caught up with Darrell as he was running away; Samuel was later found by K-9 units in a dumpster not wearing any pants.

Heath Hendrix, Lives Nearby Crash Scene, stated, "I was on my way home from work and we turned on to white drive here and saw police going up and down with their lights on and pulled into our apartment parking lot and asked police what was going on and he just told me to get in my apartment, lock the door up that they had the dogs out looking for people and they had the chopper in the air and that a car had just crashed up here at the gas station."

Police were not able to tie Darrell and Samuel Parramore to the robbery, just that they left when they saw lights flashing.

Police say the suspects for the actual robbery are still on the loose.

Tallahassee, FL, January 18, 12:24am -

According to Lt. James Fairfield, Tallahassee Police Department:

Someone witnessed two men breaking into a home on White Drive near Tennessee Street Thursday evening and contacted Tallahassee Police.

Police say that during the home invasion, shots were fired.

As police responded to the scene, a silver Chevrolet Malibu was driving near the scene, and the driver, after noticing police, started to exhibit signs of nervousness, indicating they may be connected to the scene, and then started to speed away.

Police pursued the vehicle which drove down White Drive, smashed into a BMW and then hit a White Mustang.

The Malibu smashed into a gas pump at a Shell Gas Station at White Drive and Pensacola Street.

Two suspects then fled on foot; one was arrested as he was running away.

The other suspect was later found by K-9 units in a dumpster not wearing any pants.

Police brought the suspects to the victims of the home invasion for identification, but they were not able to recognize them as the men that invaded the home.

Police were unable to tie these suspects to the home invasion.

At the same time, police have given the Leon County Sheriff's Office a description of the suspects, and TPD and LCSO believe there could be a link to a scene LCSO is working on N. Monroe Street.

As for the suspects of the White Drive robbery, police say they are still on the loose.

They were wearing camouflage and no other description is available at this time.

Tallahassee, FL, January 17, 10:30pm - At approximately 10:30pm this evening, WCTV received a report of heavy police activity in the area of White Drive and Pensacola Street.

WCTV reporters were directed to a scene that is still under investigation at the Shell Gas Station on White Drive and Pensacola Street.

The scene is comprised of two vehicles, one crashed into a gas pump, and another, a white Mustang, crashed outside of the gas station area.

This story is still developing.

Stay with WCTV as we bring you updates as they come in.

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