Cast Your Vote For 'Tally Top Pet' & Support Great Cause

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March 9, 2014

Tallahassee, FL- Voting is officially underway for to see who will be named, Tallahassee's Top Pet.

It's all part of Be The Solution, Inc.'s annual photo contest which raises money to pay for spay and neuter surgeries for animals in the Big Bend area.

Here's how it works: go to and click on Tally Top Pet.

There, you'll find pictures of dozens of adorable animals.

It costs just $1.00 to vote for your favorite pet.

Our very own Kara Duffy and her dog, Eugene, will be representing WCTV in the contest.

To vote for Eugene Duffy, go to:

To view all of Tallahassee's Top Pet contestants, go to:

For more information on Be The Solution, Inc, go to: